BJP, INC & India — a messy love triangle

Failure of Bipartisanship

Whether it is the United States of America or India, a two-party political system does nothing but ruin the overall prosperity of the country. The only way to lift people out of poverty, decrease the wealth gap and foster an all-inclusive growth is by changing the entire governance infrastructure from the ground up.

If you truly love someone, you revel in your loved one’s happiness…even if that happiness is not directly shared.

Circling back to politics, in a bipartisanship, a lot of money flows into political parties that compete against one another. This money is being used exclusively to convince the masses on who is better. And when the masses do decide (assuming the elections are fair), the loser then does everything in its power to continue to sabotage the two lovers for the next 4–5 years so that they can get back in the picture again.