DEVS by Alex Garland (spoiler alert)

A brilliant writer/creator but fails to deliver a good ending.

Like the pinbacker fiasco in sunshine!

Devs is one of my favorite shows that I have been watching during this quarantine lockdown. The concept, the music, the acting, the cinematography — All top notch!

Episode 6 when Katie explains what devs is all about was incredibly well written and acted out on screen.

But the finale. Uh what a letdown!

I mean a lot of it didn’t make sense. What makes Lily so special? How difficult was it for Katie or Forest to stop themselves from not repeating the actions they got to see over and over again on their special quantum computer. It didn’t make any sense. Every sci-fi movie that has an element of knowing the future, the main characters tend to alter it or atleast attempt to. So what the hell was stopping these two brilliant minds? Made no sense. Am I missing something?

And lastly Deus — how can that simulation be identical to the current reality? There are dead people alive in Deus — clearly it’s not identical. What’s happening in the writers’ room man?!

I am a bit embarrassed with the finale because I convinced a lot of my friends in the last 2 weeks to start watching this show only to watch an illogical finale today. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Anyways back to Westworld now!