India is uninhabitable

Thoughts of a frustrated Indian

India is a beautiful country with a lot of history and culture. But at the same time, you can’t live here. If you want to spend your life in a peaceful, non judgmental society with people that care about the environment, about the needs of other human beings and value humanity at its basic level then this is not the place to be.

People here are racist, sexist, casteist, ageist and blinded by religion. It appalls me to see Indians walk into temples asking for blessings, forgiveness or for some divine help from god to cure some sick relative. These people are literally walking through the poor hungry sick and turning a blind eye to them just to walk through the gates to take “Darshan” (witnessing) of some Hindu deity. It is so foolish and these values are passed down from one generation to the next and that’s why I think it’s going to take decades for India to become a habitable place.

Some places in this country do have genuinely nice people but these are cities where you can’t really live at the pace of the rest of the world. So that leaves only tier-I cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore to name a few. And they all suck to some degree of measure.

I will give you my top three reasons why I am moving out:

  1. Import duty — It becomes expensive to live in India if you are a global citizen and enjoy products from all around the world. Thanks to their shitty ass inefficient customs department. The rules here are moronic and you can’t trust government authorities for shit. Two years ago, I bought a wallet from hardgraft for $150. I was asked by the DHL guy to pay import duty of $220. After 3 whole months of communicating back and forth, we figured out that the guy at the customs declared the value of my wallet at $1800. They are all just SCAM artists. I understand why a country imposes an import duty to support local manufacturers and what not but hey, if no one in the country fucking makes dope portable synthesizers like teenageengineering does then don’t slap on duty, tax and shit and make my purchase 70% costlier.
  2. Rat race — everyone seems like they are in it for themselves — and they are. You can see it by how they drive and cause traffic. Indians living here have so much amped up feelings and emotions that they all let it out when they get out on the streets to get to work to the mall to back to home. They are just angry and cussing out other drivers on the road despite breaking the rules themselves for not having any sense of lane discipline, not using turn signals, honking as much as using the gas pedal.
  3. No value for human life- there are so many people packed into one square mile radius and because of the second point above, an Indian life doesn’t seem to have that much value. It only does during election time otherwise it’s just a chaotic circus here. And I think the problem is that due to corruption, senseless bureaucracy, nepotism, etc. the population keeps growing but the pie just doesn’t get any bigger. So the rich are just holding onto their assets and only doing charity work to make themselves feel good during the religious holidays or to have a better image in society; not to actually raise the standard of living of the majority of Indians because then they will end up taking a piece of their pie.

The Real problem:

Every country rationalizes the conditions of the poor — rich first world developed countries say that the poor have the opportunity and the government intervenes to takes care of them but they choose to be drug addicts and homeless and throw their lives away. In India, it’s worse because the government barely takes care of anyone so the rich end up concocting stories that it’s all karmic and that the poor must have done something in their past life to deserve this — preposterous!

This place is so hypocritical. I mean it worships cows but they are treated like shit — they are literally eating shit on the sides of the road of a metropolitan city. Basically, a country that prays to cows, also tortures them…perpetually! But again, if the government and the rich don’t care about basic people, we shouldn’t even point figures at them for not taking care of other species — we are asking for too much.

A cow that is deemed holy finds its food in trash so you can imagine the struggle of an ordinary Indian citizen.