Osho Day 7 of 7

I am feeling so many things right now but I can’t articulate it. I have never been good with words but today I am finding it even more difficult. There is a lot of profound shit I learnt about myself and about this place but I need some time for it to ruminate in my head for a little longer before I can write about it.

So for now, I will just talk about the trivial stuff. This place is goddamn expensive. I mean a bag of lays is 6 times the price. A lemonade which you can get for 20 cents outside is sold for $2. I mean if this facility was anywhere in a first world country, the price would be fair but it sucks when less than 500 meters away you can spend a quarter of what you spend on campus and probably get twice as much. But it’s hard to walk outside campus with a freaking maroon robe on.

I am paying $100 a night yet there’s only a weekly room service and since I am here exactly for a week, no change of bed sheets, no refill of toiletries — which is basically only soap and toilet paper, no toilet cleaning. I mean I have been eating vegetarian food all week so not much to clean but still. Making my own bed is therapeutic I guess I learnt that in college but they should have room cleaning on command just like any other resort or hotel. Oh by the way, at the time of checking in, I was given this instruction manual — everything here has a manual — which I think is a good thing. We, people, should also come with an instructional manual — being in a relationship will be so much easier — no more guessing each other’s feelings and underlying source of those feelings. Coming back to the room, no food allowed because small particles of dropped food or whatever might attract small unwanted creatures.

Let me tell you, when I first checked in, there were two ants I spotted right away running around pre or post fornicating. They should just allow food in the rooms and have freaking daily room service. Simple!

Towards the end of this trip, just like any other trip I go on, I track down my expenses and try to get as much as my money’s worth. Especially now that I have run away from home and on my own, I have to utilize every dollar spent and justify the expenditure.

So, since it’s my last day today, I decided to experience as much as possible. Explored every corner of this beautiful campus, went up to the gallery and picked up one of Osho’s 300 books (300 in English) recommended by the sweet old lady at the bookstore. I am 3 chapters in and it’s beautiful. I mean Osho literally spoke in chapters and the book was transcribed and directly published with no edits. You can literally feel him talk to you.

I love the evening meetings because a major part of the session is listening to him. I have also been dancing all out for the past two days. I don’t know if it’s because of getting used to it, letting go of all the mental block or the usage of Pears soap. I have stopped using bar soaps for about a decade now but ended up buying Pears here which defines my childhood. Maybe that’s why I was dancing like a 5 year old with no worries in the world!

I am going to come back once again. This time for at least a month. Monsoon time is when it’s really good here. Right now it’s too hot and after sunset I just can’t be outside — I am getting bitten all over all the time. I have been barricading myself in the room after dinner and it sucks because I don’t even get any reception in here. So I am in my room, sitting on a chair sticking my body next to the closed window to get some signal and be able to post this on medium and look at a few instagram posts that takes about 20 seconds to load just one image.

Until next time…