Why JRE is the best podcast

Because. Well Joe Rogan!

He exudes intelligence, wisdom, and an exceptional level of composure with great articulation.

Like many viewers, I started watching JRE after the infamous smoke session with Elon Musk.

Yesterday, I watched 6 hours of JRE back to back and saw the range Joe Rogan has as a host. With Kanye west, he just let him rant for 150+ minutes. I don’t think I can hear any of Kanye’s rap for at least a month now.

Can’t stand Kanye’s symphony for a while!

But Joe gave him a platform so he could be understood. To prove that he isn’t crazy. He’s just very passionate and wants to do good with his influential power. Kanye’s ramblings on the show confirmed that Kanye knows a little about a lot. His ideas stem from an umbrella of topics but it’s all just at surface level.

Kanye is a dilettante…outside the realm of art

And I am sure Joe spotted that before the podcast even began so he decided to just lay back for the next 3 hours and let Kanye jump from one topic to another and try to connect it all.

I do think Kanye has great clarity on what’s wrong with our society and that there is so much room for improvement. If only the intentions of governments, institutions & companies were aligned for the benefit of individual happiness and well being.

But I do NOT think he should run for office or be in power to set policies. He should continue with what he’s good at…

make great art — keep influencing people with that art — make a boat load of money in the process — and use that money to build a better world!

And I think he’s already doing that. There is no denying that he indeed is a visionary! He has good intent. He can be a catalyst for monumental change if he grows out of his God complex.

And now comes the juicy part of this article…

Oh and Tim Dillon. But he was just there as a fluffer for Mr. Jones…and to also deescalate the situation so Alex Jones doesn’t get knocked the fuck out by Joe Rogan.

You could clearly see Joe Rogan was losing his patience.

“Put that bottle down” (or ima break it on your head)

Unlike the previous episode with Kanye, Joe Rogan questioned the shit out of Alex Jones. He drilled him to the point where Alex begged him several times to get high or drunk so he would go easy on him. Joe Rogan’s main purpose was to bring him onto the show and get his facts right.

But an average Joe can’t do that. (Not everyone has a young jamie on their side :)) People like Tim Dillon who have been listening to him since adolescence and using his podcasts as a lullaby— after a point, they don’t require evidence from him as they would believe in whatever comes out of his mouth. And that is what’s so dangerous.

It’s similar to that blind trust you had as a child with your parents. You think they are always right until the day the bubble bursts and you realize that they don’t know everything…And that sometimes they even lie about a few things (like smoking weed is bad because it is a gateway drug or creates holes in your brain). Until you try it for the first time and… 🤯

But when it comes to a mentor, the bubble rarely bursts and you never second guess or question the person who has so much influence over the way you think — and that is why Alex Jones’ censorship seems appropriate.

He spews random facts like a mad man. And that can be seductive to weak minded people.

I am not a big fan of censorship but maybe Alex Jones should be moderated. He is an intellect and articulates well enough to a point where he is very convincing — even when he is wrong and his ideas are too far out — he is connecting events that might purely be coincidental but he presents it as conspiracy.

I mean he even made Joe admit to making a weird statement of being pro Human 🤦🏽‍♂️

Why censorship though?

It’s like when humanity discovered fire 🔥 . The ones who realized how to create and manipulate fire, probably had to set up rules, disallow some of the members from playing with it (until they prove they can handle it and not be a danger to themselves or their tribe) so the imbeciles don’t burn the whole village down!

As all three Joe, Alex and Tim collectively agreed on the podcast that some of the people today are even dumber than apes. Then of course we need some level of censorship on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube because individuals like Alex Jones can spread their delusions on to these dumbfucks who are going to further create more chaos in society — which is the last thing anybody wants.

Alex Jones reminds me of me between the ages of 19 and 27 when I smoked copious amounts of weed and thought that the entire world is out to get me. One has to come out of this delusion and realize that human civiization doesn’t work like an ant colony or a bee colony. There isn’t a queen bee sitting at the central command center nor are all humans mindlessly following orders and moving synchronously.

I am sure there are all sorts of sinister activities and agendas by powerful, rich people but not everyone is in cahoots 24/7 and there isn’t a rich mans secret club where they coordinate and plan to destroy and rule over humanity at the same time. Joe Rogan tried to explain that to both of them but they are way too convinced that everything that happens away from the public is inter related and planned by a central power that is evil.

Alex Jones’ main motivation isn’t limited to him wanting to expose corruption. He seems way too unstable and despises others who are in power and/or have an absurd amount of wealth because deep down that is what he probably desires…

“I don’t wanna fight Joe” — Alex Jones

(Also please have me on Election Day…I desperately need your companionship and platform)

I sense that his main motivation is first to be heard, second to be followed by millions & billions, and third and his ultimate fantasy, to become one of the guys inside the room where the important decisions are being made.

I used to read 40 articles a day in my mid 20’s and it drove me insane. I didn’t maintain any relationships and lived in a world that I created in my head and it was super toxic for me and those around me, the ones with whom I interacted with.

To be able to take in so much information in a single day…you can only do in isolation.

I did it and I was late to realize that what I actually needed was to isolate but minus the distraction. Which is to meditate and just observe reality. Not analyze, not download data into my brain because that’s what led to my anxiety and depression.

So I understand how toxic individuals like Alex Jones can be as he claims he reads 50 articles a day, scanning 500. No wonder he has kind of lost the plot and is proving unsafe for the public. Even smart guys like Tim Dillon who don’t have a formal college education buy into everything Alex Jones says essentially multiplying that pessimistic outlook towards technology and the invisible hands guiding it.

On a side note, I am not saying that a formal college education is better than not having one. I was lucky enough to go to a private college in Boston that allowed me to interact with amazing professors and fellow students from around the world which further strengthened my ability to learn and absorb information & emotion from different perspectives. Which guys like Tim Dillon are unable to as you do in-house self-learning with minimal face to face interaction. You are more prone to believing in a crazy rhetoric about how everything around you is meant to hurt you and your wellbeing.

It was laughable when Tim talked about robots and not being able to go to Walmart (no he wasn’t making a joke!). Not only do you witness his stupidity there, you can see the genuine fear in his eyes because in a way he is brain washed by his mentor Alex Jones — listening to him since he was 13. Of course that’s a big problem right there.

As a society, we have built a lot of things out of fear. And as Kanye says, it is time we start building things out of love ❤️