Why JRE is the best podcast

Because. Well Joe Rogan!

He exudes intelligence, wisdom, and an exceptional level of composure with great articulation.

Can’t stand Kanye’s symphony for a while!

Kanye is a dilettante…outside the realm of art

make great art — keep influencing people with that art — make a boat load of money in the process — and use that money to build a better world!

Joe Rogan Experience # 1555 — Alex Jones

“Put that bottle down” (or ima break it on your head)

He spews random facts like a mad man. And that can be seductive to weak minded people.

Why censorship though?

“I don’t wanna fight Joe” — Alex Jones

To be able to take in so much information in a single day…you can only do in isolation.

As a society, we have built a lot of things out of fear. And as Kanye says, it is time we start building things out of love ❤️